About us

We have been document experts for over 30 years.

Our mission

For over 30 years, we at Everial have been developing solutions for the entire document chain. We are experts in collecting, sorting, digitising, authenticating and processing all your document types, as well as archiving them securely, whether in hard copy or digital form.

We are above the experts for your documents, because we know them. We understand information within, and its value, all the better to provide you with a suitable, efficient solution. When we process an invoice, contract, or hand-written correspondence, we don’t just scan a piece of paper. We don’t just process PDFs. We handle the key documents in your client pipeline. We make our document processing chain meaningful, so that your documents and work are meaningful too.

We are the direct link between your documents and the quality of your business. Because we listen to you, to better respond to your needs and provide appropriate advice, whatever the nature of your project. We commit to providing results before suggesting a solution. We are determined to move forward, search and innovate in order to support you ever better, ever adapting to your business needs.

We are committed to helping you get more out of your documents.

Enhanced performance so you can focus on your core business, saving time and gaining in efficiency.

Greater client satisfaction with smoother document pipelines, that are monitored, checked, secured and ever simpler, to improve the quality of relations with those who contact you.

Enhanced expertise in the processing of your documents with an expert by your side.

Our values

Determination: the capacity to see projects through, sticking to our guns, and demonstrating commitment. Wanting to take an entrepreneurial, innovative stance and move forward.

Commitment to our clients, the promise of a solution, results and satisfaction. But also a firm commitment to our ethics and long-lasting partnerships.

Listening with the aim of letting clients offload their problems for us to resolve, leading to true generosity in the relationship.

Our mission is to understand and manage all our clients’ document issues, in order to provide an effective, expert solution.

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Lionel Garcia


Our key dates

Michel Garcia founded Archiv’Alpha, a firm providing archive management services.


Lionel Garcia expanded the scope of the firm’s expertise to include digital processing of documents.


Foundation of an IT services company in charge of developing software to meet the needs of the services provided.


Association of digital and hard copy flows.


Archiv’Alpha changed its name to become Everial.


Everial increased its production and digitisation capacity, becoming a major player in business process outsourcing (BPO).


The Everial group took a majority stake in Knowings, the leading collaborative software publisher on its market.

New, 10,000-sq.m head office in Rillieux-la-Pape

Everial facts and figures

€47 M turnover in 2019

365 expert staff members

5,500 clients from all industries, private and public

30 million digital documents stored in EDM

600,000 pages digitised every day

25 billion pages archived

4,000 km of secure linear archives

15 sites in France and three abroad

Our address

1691 Avenue de l'Hippodrome
69140 Rillieux-la-Pape