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Augusto Villanueva

Clientele manager, on a permanent contract at Everial for the past six years

Let’s get going! I tell myself that this day will be different from yesterday, and from tomorrow.

My alarm clock is my son!  At 6.30 am, I get up to prepare his breakfast. The joys of parenting!  I get ready to music, then head for Everial. 95% of the time, I get there a good 15 minutes early. That way I can have my coffee in peace and check my mails without having to hurry.

DRING!  First call of the day, I’m on the case: I have to manage it, cater to people’s needs and monitor requests and client accounts.  Like Nicky Larson*, I love to keep my job completely under control, calling on a good sense of humour in a pleasant atmosphere. Letting work pile up and feeling overworked is a source of anxiety for me, so I tell myselfto “never put off till tomorrow what you can get done today”.   And when I’m well organised it leaves me with time to get everyone laughing!

What I like most about my job: dealing with all sorts of different people in-house. The Client Relations Department has to collaborate with all other departments. So you get comfortable very quickly, to the point that I danced on stage at the last Works Council fun night! My audacity was well received, I pulled it off well!

Let’s say that you’ll have problems working in this department if you’re a disorderly hermit. Otherwise, the Client Relations Department will be delighted to see you, and will make you a great cup of coffee! 

Ah, I nearly forgot!  A few tips, courtesy of my father:   “Your first salary is decisive” and “Never waste your boss’s money”    

* Nicky Larson: a private investigator starring in a 1990s cartoon

What I like most about my job: dealing with all sorts of different people in-house.

Augusto Villanueva

Clientele Manager

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