Insurance, Private health insurance, Providence

Operational efficiency, compliance and a smooth client experience are within your reach!

In the front office, you have to digitise and optimise your client pipeline to boost your sales.

In the middle and back offices, you seek swift processing, all the while making sure you meet regulatory requirements in insurance, providence and health insurance (KYC, forgery, GDPR, Solvency II and other legislation such as the Eckert and Hamon laws in France).

The switch to digital is under way. You have to simultaneously handle both physical and digital documents.

There are peak periods in your business, or you have an unforeseen crisis, and you need to ensure business continuity and ongoing service quality in all circumstances.


Enhanced industry performance with gains in productivity, freeing front and back-office staff to concentrate more on premium services for clients


Greater client satisfaction with smooth pipelines when insurance policies are first taken out and throughout account management


Enhanced expertise throughout the document processing chain to support you as you switch to digital and ensure regulatory compliance

3x more

of files processed at the same time: this is what one of our clients in the insurance, health insurance and providence industry measured

AG2R La Mondiale: the future of documents?

Tomorrow, documents will be in both hard copy and digital format, to provide our clients, in-house managers and sales staff with much easier access.

Everial has acted as AG2R La Mondiale’s archiving partner since the 1990s, when digital records weren’t yet even a thing. Our relationship can be summed up in three words: “Trust, reliability and support”.  Thierry PATTE, Logistics Director – Groupe AG2R La Mondiale

Solutions for your industry

Digitising the client experience

Multi-channel collection and real-time processing of supporting documents and ID for optimised client pipelines, starting with the signing-up process, smooth management of requests, and complete files that are GDPR- and KYC-compliant.

Digitising document processes

Optimise and secure the processing of your documents flows, cut costs, absorb peaks in business and benefit from a multi-channel, all-encompassing platform.

“Every day, APICIL receives vast amounts of incoming mail, in an industry where we have to be as responsive as possible to ensure the quickest possible processing times for our clients. Everial’s command of the entire document chain and their expertise in processing significant volumes were what clinched the deal for us. We now have a setup to process incoming mail from our clients that ensures a swift response, reliability and immediate visibility. In-house, it has helped us considerably transform our lines of business, with more reliable processes, streamlined steering of operations, a smoother distribution of activities for our managers and greater visibility for our business consultants and client relations. APICIL’s collaboration with Everial has led to great proximity, seeking solutions together. Everial has managed to adapt to our context and internal developments, all in a great spirit of partnership.” Director of Client Relations at APICIL

“Reworking processes for paper-free beneficiary designations has considerably improved the quality of client service, security for highly sensitive legal documents and our managerial efficiency. The operation to recover stock for 1,600,000 designations, dating as far back as the 1960s and in all sorts of formats, and above all, the indexation conducted parallel to this, were all key elements in ensuring that the project ran smoothly. In this, Everial’s sense of commitment and perseverance, powering through the technical difficulties encountered, meant the project could be wound up within a reasonable time-frame. The result: our latest audit emphasised the great performance and reliability of our process for managing beneficiary designations.” Laurent Maille, Mutual Insurance Management Director at CHORUM


Our experts in the insurance industry provide support from the scoping stage through to roll-out of your digital transformation and archiving projects.


La Médicale

Thanks to Everial’s professionalism, level of investment and capacity to manage the entire document chain (consulting, in situ management, digitisation, DAM, archiving closed cases, destruction etc.), we have managed to optimise and secure our business, absorbing growth and thus providing better service quality in terms of processing times, which our clients greatly appreciate. The projects were set up and conducted in line with our expectations.

Client testimonials

We were able to forge an atmosphere of mutual trust, which helped to consolidate a powerful partnership. This atmosphere can be directly imputed to the sheer efficacy of solutions Everial implemented, and their firm grasp of our needs.  Martine Cohen, Coordinator of Cross-Functional Activities

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