Chartered accountant

Electronic Document Management solutions and collaborative work designed for and with chartered accountants.

You are seeking to boost productivity by optimising document management and archiving.

You wish to streamline and standardise your processes, automate the collection of client invoices and centralise your accounting data, independently of your production tools.

You would like to foster collaboration within your accounting firm and provide staff and clients with secure working solutions.

You need to provide your clients with innovative digital services.


Enhanced industry performance with gains in productivity, freeing staff to concentrate more on premium services for clients


Greater client satisfaction with tools for sharing and switching to digital, linked to accounting documents


Enhanced expertise throughout the account document processing chain to support you as you switch to digital


staff accountants use Everial Digital Expert to manage 550,000 corporate files and 70 million documents.

Groupe SFC: the benefits of EDM?

It saved time for our staff and ensured better service for our clients.

To let our clients safely view all documents, including those produced by the chartered accountants on a day-to-day basis, using a tablet, smartphone or computer, any time, anywhere. 

Régis Lacroix, Associate – Groupe SFC

Solutions for your industry


The digital document platform that affords your clients more time, services and consultancy.

A stand-alone document platform that’s truly interconnected with all our business tools. We have set up automated filing, to save documents and permanent records in the EDM software, including our clients’ annual accounts, audits etc. We change our habits to be able to provide our staff with more expert knowledge, we have better visibility of the files and above all we save our precious time, freeing up precious availability to spend more time advising our clients. Chartered accountant’s firm in Paris

Certified electronic filing as a backup to EDM to make sure all documents remain on file for the purposes of evidential value. We are reassured because the tool is secure, as well as being designed for our daily use. Chartered accountant’s firm in Lyon

Chartered accountant

André Vincent

André Vincent founded his chartered accountancy firm in 1988, catering to local firms. He has always strived to deal with one basic issue: How to streamline his processes and those of his clients

Client testimonials

For a chartered accountant, having a software publisher build a digital document management solution with us helped to meet various company aims and client expectations. This is what Everial offered with Everial Digital Expert. André Vincent

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