Wizidee: Mobile capture in real time

Remove obstacles and sources of annoyance in your digital client pipeline.

Real-time collecting and processing of your clients' documents is now child’s play.
Your staff will make huge operating gains and the client experience is excellent!

Your issues

Your clients’ experience is one of your core concerns. It needs to be positive and, more than ever, digital.

This means ensuring a smooth client pipeline when they sign up to your services, and empowerment in all operations.  Whatever channels are used, nothing must slow down or hamper their browsing experience, or your might risk them never even becoming clients, or worse, they might stop being clients.

Despite this, your staff must keep risk under control, meet your regulatory requirements, adapt processes to usage and preferred points of contact for each client, while aiming for operational excellence and achievements in sales.

Is that a contradiction?  Not any more!

Our solution

Our real-time solution for document capture and recognition, Wizidee, is embedded on your clients’ mobiles, via your application (simply by integrating an SDK), or on your Web portal, and performs the following operations in one go:

  • Collection of your clients’ ID documents and various supporting documents
  • Consistency checks (checking and cross-checking all documents)
  • Checking that files are complete
  • Extracting and using all useful and necessary client data
  • If necessary, ID checks (live testing) of your clients using facial recognition

It has never been easier or faster for your clients to carry out these formalities and gain access to your services. And as their data is processed locally on their own devices without being stored anywhere, they are reassured and place their trust in you fully.

And you receive data that’s checked at source, and you can provide your clients with the responses they expect as quickly as possible and without any hassle.

You combine a positive client experience, compliance and conversion!

  • First impressions
  • Signing up to a contract
  • Providing a new service
  • Handling requests (contract performance)
  • KYC and remediation
  • Files are complete
  • Onboarding with HR
  • Age checking
  • ID checks to access services / user checks
  • Etc.

Real-time recognition and capturing is an innovative response to issues in many situations:


Greater client satisfaction

Smoother digital pipeline

Simpler client pipelines

More empowerment

Swifter processing

Greater trust in your brand

More positive comments

Enhanced staff performance

Greater compliance with GDPR,, KYC, document fraud etc.

More reliable business processes

More up-to-date client data

Smoother liaising between front and back office

Greater productivity

More conversion and a higher conversion rate

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