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Your issues

Do you want to switch to digital and upgrade your organisation, without knowing how to go about it, especially given that your industry has to comply with complex regulations?

A smooth transition could be an opportunity for you to improve your image among your clients, as well as your competitive edge, thanks to the operational gains generated by task automation, smoother dialogue and better data control.

Our solution

Our consultants examine your environment and ecosystem and listen to your needs, to pinpoint springboards foroptimisation and achieving compliance in your document management process.

Together, we choose the most effective means of optimising and streamlining document management, bringing appropriate, innovative solutions.

We contribute to achieving your goals in terms of reliability, profitability and performance.

We provide you with support to achieve your transformation, so you can focus on your savoir-faire and premium services for your clients.

“Our aim is to support our clients in their digital transition project by drawing up a document strategy with them”.

Emilie Angaramo
Consultancy Division Manager


More expertise

Thanks to our knowledge of your business environment and our familiarity with regulations imposed on your business, to help you make informed, strategic choices as to document management.

Enhanced performance

Thanks to a smooth digital transition, with innovative solutions that are well adapted to their users.

Greater satisfaction

With a cross-cutting organisational strategy fostering a sense of involvement among departments and divisions.

Client testimonials

Caisse d’Epargne


The Caisse d’Epargne Rhône-Alpes chose to outsource the conservation and management of its archives to a single service provider in order to: pool all inventory (internal and outsourced) smooth the filing process, handle recurrent flow, and ensure that the various departments needing to search or send files could do so independently.



While relocating the head office, Axéréal decided to also restructure and optimise the management of their archives and related procedures, using improved monitoring and
traceability. This was folded into the sustainable development strategy.

Everial’s strength throughout this project was the sheer professionalism and skill of their staff as they worked alongside us. They got fully involved in all spheres of banking in our many cross-cutting lines of business. The Everial project team participated fully in drawing up the procedures and operating modes, describing the various archiving processes. They also contributed to the training phase for our various entities.

Farida SMEJ, Director of Logistics

The relocation schedule was very tight. In a matter of weeks, Everial staff had transferred the archives, all the while ensuring business continuity. Their strengths were their great responsiveness, adaptability and insight into our needs, stemming from the remarkable listening skills demonstrated by Everial staff.

Stéphane Moulai, Indirect Purchasing Director

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