Gain more clients.
Foster stronger ties between the front and back office.

Thanks to multi-channel acquisition and real-time document processing, you can ease your clients’ experience in an instant, making for a smoother pipeline going forward and turning regulatory constraints into assets.

Don’t let document sharing destroy your client experience any more

  • Acquisition
  • Signing contracts
  • Relationship
  • Fostering loyalty
01 Acquisition

Orchestrate smooth onboarding by collecting, checking and processing client documents quickly and intuitively, on all channels.

02 Signing contracts

Simplify the conversion of new clients with the guarantee of remote ID checks, document compliance and electronic signatures.

03 Relationship

Rise to the challenges of governance regarding data, reconcile front & back offices and offer a smooth client experience from A to Z.

04 Fostering loyalty

Optimise your relationship marketing with customised messages and client data that’s always up-to-date.

Simplify document sharing with your clients using Everial's solution

When automating real-time collection and processing on all channels, you rise to your top three challenges:

Enhancing client satisfaction

thanks to reduced processing times for their requests and the elimination of sources of annoyance in their pipeline.

Optimising your consultants’ work

with the automation of simple processes and tasks, freeing staff up to focus on the all-important client relationship.

Risk control

checking compliance with regulations at source for better peace of mind.

All channels lead to a simple, durable relationship,
between your clients and staff
  • Via your mobile app
  • Via your web portal
  • At the customer's local branch
  • By post or email

The solution’s strong points and benefits

Our technological innovations have been achieved by workers at the Everial LAB. They harness artificial intelligence, biometrics and the latest tried-and-tested technology. These innovations ensure the reliability of processes to check documents and ID online, while optimising your clients' effortless experience!

A multi-channel solution
to serve all your clients

Software, technology and production are combined in a consistent, complementary suite, providing seamless processing, without any silo-effect, to ensure optimised, consistent service whatever channel is used to share the documents.

We are present on all channels, because we know there is more than one possible trajectory in a client experience.

Processing documents in actual
real time

The client embeds the solution on their mobile, their documents are processed in real time, without using remote servers.

Instantly informed of their progression through the simplified pipeline, your client is reassured.

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Swift, easy ID checks

The solution combines biometric checking with document checking by comparing the person’s face with the ID photo in real time.
A simple video stream is all you need to perform biometric checks using facial recognition and live testing.

It is much easier and less intrusive than most solutions which require clients to take selfies from various angles.

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Personal data

The documents are processed locally on the device used by your client. The data does not stay once it has been checked and approved in our solution.

GDPR is complied with, your clients feel they can trust you.

An upgradable solution,
that’s very simple to use

Staff may use the platforms for administration, settings and visual assistance intuitively to add documents and industry regulations to the benchmark, and to view, check or add to the information collected as necessary.

It’s not just the client experience that must be good,

that of your staff is just as important in our opinion.


  • Documents recognised
  • ID checks
  • Multichannel integration
  • French cloud

Our solution natively recognises many documents including French or foreign ID cards, passports, driving licences, vehicle registration documents, bills and tax notifications. This makes automatic, real-time reading and recognition possible using a library of documents models and industry regulations.

If any models are missing, you can add them very easily. Furthermore, the solution learns on an ongoing basis and improves its recognition of new, non-standard models which might temporarily require manual assistance.

This feature helps to fight identity theft. It reinforces authentication and secures access checking and onboarding.

Facial recognition compares the user’s actual face with the ID photo. It harnesses a non-invasive live-testing system, which does not impose a set of instructions on the user. Instead, it observes their face for five seconds via the user’s mobile lens and analyses their natural movements in real time.

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On mobile: SDK in native mode in the form of an iOS framework or Android library. 

On desktops : integration into the Web portal by an API.

In the absence of a mobile app or web: a customised URL is sent by SMS or email to give the client access to the same service. 

  • 99.9% availability, 24/7.
  • Two Kubernetes clusters, in two remote datacenters (300 km away), at two separate hosting operators.
  • Flexibility and agility in the deployment of applications in production.
  • Auto-scaling processes with transparent fluctuations in workload.
  • Independence from infrastructure in order to move applications easily.
  • Resistance to breakdown and catastrophes.
  • Hosting at the client’s discretion in France.